Friday, May 7, 2010

Worn Out

Bluest ever sky. Whitest ever cloud. Perhaps a heart shaped one, framing us. Noticed. 

When the seat drops out, decorate it. Whimsey. 

Grandma died a couple of years ago at 106.
 Still wanting to dance. We found this in her things. 
She had saved them, unused. 
Saved for a special day that must have never happened?
 I want to use and enjoy my pretties. 
Wear them completely out. 


  1. Such a collection of beauty. You do wear it out, you know that? You are the beauty-carrier and giver. Thank you, Kathleen.

  2. Next time I see you remind me to tell you about my grandma's dolls...these hankies reminded me of them. (clue: elleanor is wearing them out...finally!) ;)
    Loved Tessa's post about you. Tears!

  3. What Laura said...

    I have my work cut out for me, there's a whole lot of 'decorating' to do in this yard. :) And me, do you think if I put a wine bottle on my head, it would improve the look?

    Our grandmas were savers, I think they were taught to be -- saving hankies, saving hair, saving their skin, their hands... tin cans, milk jugs, every piece of paper ... all their marbles.

    We watch things... our weight, our children, our money, our time, the world go by

    Who knows what our children will pass along. It changes with each generation, backwards and forwards... like a rocking chair, or a see saw.

    A carousel is much more fun (the ones you spin yourself).

  4. I love the beauty you see and point out and bring to my blog reader. You just have such a fresh outlook on life. It brings me joy.

  5. I love the things we have from our grannies - the memories especially. Love the wicker couch

    Love you more

    a la moondustwriter


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