Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Tangled Up

Love is nice to hold on to.
 Clasp it tightly, without a choke hold. 

It can look messy. Tangled. Meshed. Interwoven. Impossible. 

It's a good way to climb. Nice support for each other. 
It makes a seriously tangled mess.
Beautiful love knots tied to an irrevocable trust. 


  1. sweet sculpture. Love you sweetie. <3

  2. These tender images speak so eloquently. Thank you.

  3. Those vines are tenacious, the way love can be.

  4. I used to know how to play...and then my life came crashing down around me and instead of laughing at a good joke I feel like I am the ultimate cosmic joke. I know in my mind the attributes of God, but my heart feels broken beyond repair.

  5. Anonymous, wish I could comfort you somehow. Broken hearts feel like they'll never mend. I was just reading Tozer yesterday about the attributes. Believe them anyways, by deciding not feeling. Please?

  6. I love this. Love the imagery, and the reminder. The beauty is in the tangling.


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