Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding Rest

This is an old, water damaged lithograph from the turn of the century. It hung with a companion piece in my grandma's house since forever ago. I keep it in our bedroom. If you'll notice, the STALLION has all his anatomy present and is using all that testosterone well. Noble beast. 

Tacked unceremoniously underneath is a simple quote from John Eldredge's Wild at Heart
There under the shadow of a man's strength, a woman finds rest. 
It reminds both of us what our best roles are. 

Craig's is to initiate and use his strength on my behalf. Mine is to simply respond. 

And when a woman is relaxed, rested, protected, fought never know what else he might initiate that she'll want to respond to.  


  1. So, does the heat, added to the pacific coast humid, make things sultry and sensuous? I think at your place, the answer is a resounding Yes.



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