Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gently Used

Quilts are pieced together with with forethought and love. The more they are used, the softer and more puckered they become. 

I'm sure if they had a say in it, they would choose to be cuddled until the colors blended and wore through. Tight hand stitching keeps it together even when the fabric gives way.

I love scrapbag antique quilts best. Re-purposed fabric from clothes. It seems like they whisper a better traveler's story. 

Someone said, 'we should be completely used up, poured out and worn to a nubbins when we die'. Or something like that. 

I concur. :)  


  1. I have an Amish quilt that is now nearly an antique. I bought directly from its creator at her home in Pennsylvania. It's all these things you describe here. It's well-used.

  2. my grandmother had quilts like this. oh, how I loved them...

  3. quilts are like...the best stuff!

  4. stories to tell in all those little pieces ...


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