Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Fever

A friend I only know from Twitter and Facebook sent this exuberant collage in the mail. 
In the mail with a stamp and a handwritten poem note. 
The envelope was hand written too.
 I haven't met her in person, but this was close.
 Hand made with love and thoughtfulness. 
A delightful gift that splashed sun rays all over my day. 
I think she must have had fun putting it together. 
Being creative with 
textures and color ~ using our imaginations ~ tends to have that result. 
Hand to pen 
ink to paper 
mind to heart
to heart 

Thank you my friend. The east coast and west coast are not so very far apart after all. 


  1. looks like a coastal celebration ...

  2. You always do - pass joy, that is! Thank you for the ink and paper you have sent to me...


A comment, reply, idea, dialogue or conversation with you means so much. Thanks for the two way street thing.