Monday, May 10, 2010

Kaelee's Bridal Shower

We hosted a bridal shower yesterday. Kaelee is a sweet girl. Ingenue would best describe her personality. She was a good sport as we tortured her by dressing her up in jewel incrusted breastplates, white gloves, frilly apron, leather motorcycle jacket, lacy collar, and princess crown.

We all sighed and cried as she recounted how they fell in love. They have a good start on marriage because they have a solid base of friendship. Romance comes and goes. You can't swoon or gaze into each other's eyes all the rest of your life. Friendship is needed. Useful. Priceless.

She found herself surrounded by love and memories and well wishing. I hope their life goes well also. But this isn't the best thing. The best thing is that they'll know and fully experience intimacy with their Creator. Together and separately. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

My gift to her was standard bride's fare. The CD and book, Sheet Music by Dr Kevin Lehman. I give it to every engaged couple, hoping they'll educate themselves for love's sake. A monster bubble wand with bubbles to remind them to play. A bunch of glow sticks for the same reason. And night lights with red bulbs in them, because they make the boudoir and the sacred things done there, glow. 

Unsolicited advice? The important things sift out to only a few. Sleep naked. Play together. Pray together. Be learners. Stay friends. Have friends. Laugh. Make memories instead of buying stuff. Stay out of debt. Make love often. Travel. Read. Eat real food, made with love.

And remember to be, rather than to appear.

Maid of Honor

Bride's Maids 

Jumping for Joy



  1. A special day she'll never forget; advice she'll remember (hopefully) forever! She's lucky to have you as a friend & mentor.

  2. What amazing gifts! Your wisdom is the stuff good marriages, and lives, are made of, kathleen.

  3. It is a privilege to be a part of your wisdom Kathleen. Thanks for making my son's future bride feel special. I love you.

  4. Great fun. And what delicious gifts and advice.

  5. Haven't been here enough lately. I have been missing a lot of fun. The bride hopefully got some "support" for a gift too--otherwise if she keeps jumping, her "you-know-whats" are gonna land in her apron pockets. And kneading bread gets really hard with those two in the way. ;-)


    Hey, if we could all do our wedding showers over again, what would that look like?


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