Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tulips are lovely. Delicate creatures. 
This one danced too long, finally succumbing to the wind. 
It blew her down. Apart. Fallen comrade. Bruised.
 Fragile. Short lived. 
She is busy making bulbs down below ground. 
She will bloom again, with her offspring; but it will take a year. 
These are succulents. 
This plant family is rugged. 
If a leaf is plucked off, an entire plant grows from it. 
It doesn't need much water.
 Roots will form without being buried properly.
 In fact it likes the cut places to dry out. Scabs are good. 
They are prolific and need split up regularly. 
Given away. Shared. 
They will live happily in harsh
places, cold winters, bad soil, rocky reaches. 
They squirm into unlikely nooks and crannies. 
Hot sun, rain, shade ~ it's all good. 
They don't need cosseted. 
Succulents stay juicy with life, storing their own moisture. 
They don't need prime living conditions, they adapt anywhere.  
They are an independent, forgiving plant. 
I like tulips, but would rather be succulent. 


  1. Cool images and wonderful words.

  2. I want to be a succulent too! :)

  3. I prefer to have succulents in my garden because they are so forgiving. Oooh, you have a red one, will you share with me when they need thinning?


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