Monday, November 7, 2011

Low Batteries Won't Stop Me

Yes, I've been making a pretty every day, however, my camera batteries won't be found to prove it.

#3 Saturday we had some friends for a pasta chicken supper. The napkins sported white ribbon. We turned the lights down low and talked, cried some, laughed a little, and collaborated on one stanza of Nancy's poem that had a hitch in its giddyup.

She brought me a bouquet of tulips and some specialty daffies to hurry and get in the ground. Thankfully there are only a few. Brita and I outdid ourselves last fall.

#4 Sunday, I made a paper collage of two chubbly, ragamuffin girls getting their toes sandy at the beach. Pails swinging, hats askew, and happy hearts.

We just found out two weeks ago that she has pancreatic cancer. Something cheerful in the mail doesn't change that, but it might make the day brighter?

She has been saving for retirement only a couple of years away, but life changes in mere moments. Everything is different now. She has always lived like she believes this isn't all there is, so it is all good. Healed now or later. It will be a grueling time ahead. I see much love already being boomeranged back -  many of us have been loved well by her.

We are both beachy girls - most content by the ocean. I want her to be there in her happy spot, at least in her mind's eye. With me.

#5 Today, I wound all my ancient lace on tubes so I will be able to use it. It has been tangled and stuffed in a bag in the linen closet for years. I forget about it in the dark. Loverby made a rack for all five of the finished ones to hang on the wall. They are finally accessible and approachable.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tug is Gone

My brother's black lab died last week. He'd been sick a long time. Old age and a tired heart claimed him. Tugboat adored his master and mistress. Going hunting was his joy in life. He was synchronized perfectly with my brother, they worked together as one. He was a noble fellow. Our entire family will miss him. I think he is slobbering profusely as he runs full speed into the water making a big, big splash.

Day #2. Facing a blank white piece of paper is terrifying. Always. This is Tugboat's Tribute.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Making Pretties Day #1

Every day I'm going to make something pretty, take the best picture I am able to, and post it. I need to create and play and participate with life right now. Too much passive spectating and admiring other's work can keep me from producing anything of my own. On purpose creative play is my current RX. Let's see how long it lasts. I'd love to see what you've been making too. Show me please.  

Going through my vintage textiles I have come across pieces that could be thrown away, but instead I'm trying to save them by re-purposing/altering them. Lime green and cream batiste flowers today.