Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Valentine

Our girls are longing for a mate, a companion. This is natural. As we talked the other day, I asked them to consider a list of ten things that were really important to them. Equally yoked spiritually, is a given.

They randomly thought of things to put on their list. I then asked them to pick only two which they could not do without.

For one, it was a combined love of and appreciation for music and someone who is comfortable with affection.

The other is still coming up with hers and narrowing it down.

Mine before marriage? I wanted and needed someone who would play with me. I also couldn't thrive without physical touch and affection. Both easy for him.

His wanted a woman who offered warm food and a warm body. Not unique for a man. Simple and both easy for me.

Craig and I are total opposites in every way. We are the cliche; he is weak where I am strong and vice versa. But we have our two necessaries met. Everything else is learnable and doable because we care about each other. When we fail, the two necessaries hold us steady and remind us we belong together.

This doesn't make love all smarmy and electric, but our basic needs are being met, which allows us to focus on the other areas of living, loving and learning.


  1. Hi Kathleen! What a wonderful surprise to see you over at my place this morning - thank you! I really like what you have started here. Good intro.. so true. I really need to keep the "play" in mind...it is often the last thing I make room for. I seriously think you have given me just the words I needed today!
    I like your first post too. My husband and I are quite opposite as well but are good with the "necessaries" :-)

  2. What a wonderful post, Kathleen. So tuned in to what life is: the Passion that is the secret.

  3. Lorrie and Maureen, thanks for stopping by the new digs. I'd love to have guest posts. :)


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