Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Drug

The intent of this blogspot is to invite, endorse and promote other's thoughts on the subject of play. It is a bit elusive at times. My friend Bree took me up on the offer. She manages a fine coffee shop. She is a gifted barista. Here is her contribution today:

I didn’t laugh enough today, I can feel it in my countenance.  That’s kind of like saying I didn’t breathe enough today.  You see, last weekend, God showed me or rather reminded me, what it’s like to laugh, play and have fun. Since, I’ve been trying to incorporate that lesson into my everyday life. 

I learned another lesson today, it’s more fun to laugh and play with some people, than others. 

Today, work started out really great~I didn’t have to be there till 8:30. I prayed most the way. When I got there everyone seemed in a good mood~a great day in the making!  It started getting busy. The guy on the register started getting flustered. The gal leading the floor didn’t get enough sleep last night~so she wasn’t really deploying people properly~chaos began to set in.

I requested to be parked behind the espresso bar so that I could just concentrate on being fun; trying to lift spirits. Then came “ohhh I wanted that extra hot” after I had already steamed the milk. I made playful fun comments to employees to invite them to playfulness at work, only to be shut down by their bad attitude.  

Our registers then went down, which created even more chaos.  I still tried to stay light hearted shouting out to the line that we were going old school and getting the abacus out to add up their orders… I got a few chuckles.  

Now, had the people I really enjoy playing with been there, there would have been soul-deep chortling going on….but not from this crowd.  With one last ditch effort, when the registers finally came back up, I belted out a “yeeee haw” and only got strange looks from everyone. 

I sit at home now, alone, longing for that someone who makes me laugh at a day like the one I had today, laugh until it all goes away…melts away into what WE want to laugh about. Before I know it we’re giggling, chortling and loving one another and I’m ready for whatever the world has to offer, once again.

I’m going through withdrawals…from the very thing that makes me WANT to breathe. 

Bree Mills 


  1. So true so true! Just keep on playing. Your self will appreciate it :-)

  2. i would've laughed with you...yee haw!!

  3. sounds like a tough croud.


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