Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surely Goodness

The sun was out framing the bluest sky yesterday. Craig walked in the door to a pile of jackets and blankets ~ Maggie and me waiting to pounce on him or pummel him into saying yes ~ before he knew what he was saying yes to.

He said yes to the invitation; make it to the bluff under the Deception Pass bridge before the sun set. We stopped at a little cafe and ordered a picnic in boxes.

We kissed.

We layed our blankets on the velvet moss with wild flowers blooming all around us. Far below us the tide was coming in,  as the sun was going down.

We kissed.

Sure enough, my big daddy sea lion showed up to entertain us. A few calloused, fishing boats shot through the current under the bridge. The captain waved.

We kissed.

The sunset was stunning over the Sound.

We kissed.

I saw 2 shooting stars before the night was over; blessed indeed.

We kissed goodnight with full hearts and souls, dripping with goodness. Simple goodness. Free goodness.

We heard a conversation drifting down from the bridge, "Honey look, we could do that - come with some bread, cheese, wine and bring the dog."

It made me wonder if they'll do it. I hope so - and soon. Free memories like this can't be bought. They can only be had.

Have one on me.

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  1. I am inspired to learn to play again. I am not a poet or a writer but I am a dreamer and creator and one that delights in the little things all around me.

    I don't even really know where to start but am thankful of the reminder to stop and enjoy; stop and take time to play. I said to my husband the other day, "We don't play anymore -- and he strongly corrected me". We have grown and changed over the years (28) and how we play has changed as well but the real play for us is just delighting in each other. We don't need fancy places or fantastic experiences but we do need each other and continue to delight in the fact that God brought us together for the delight of each other. He laughs at me, I laugh at him.

    However, today what brings me so much delight is knowing that our children delight in their daddy! They adore him and this makes me just want to explode! What I could not put into words they have expressed for me. For how I seem them adore their Dad is how Jon makes me feel -- adored!

    He has chosen to make his purpose in life to make me happy and this spills over into my life so that I want to make him happy and we get to ride this merry-go-round, round and round.

    It is a dance that we do and it is comfortable and warm and fuzzy but never mundane! Thank God! Thank you Jon and thank you Kathleen.


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