Sunday, February 21, 2010

Play Emily's Way

The intent of this spot is to engage others to share how they play. Emily is a young mother of two daughters. She is a homemaker - a homesteader at heart. Her home is peaceful and full of grace. She makes brussel sprouts that taste like candy. I will even eat them. She lives in redemptive time...chooses it.  

Last week I needed to get out of the house and play. I wanted space. I wanted nature. Not concrete or plastic. Which meant (sorry kids) no park today.

I loaded up my two little girls and we started driving. Looking south in the rear view mirror, I could see the blue sky. Usually, we chase the blue sky...but it was stubbornly situated over the concrete~and I was stubbornly headed into a downpour. We kept driving. Finally, we found a quiet beach to play on. 

We didn't have a plan. I didn't pack a picnic, a blanket or beach toys. Rocks, saltwater and driftwood seemed to satisfy us all. It didn't rain on us. The cloudy, grey sky gave the softest light for a few great pictures of two little sisters.

Growing up, our play was usually too complicated for my taste. My parents would plan a 'vacation' and they would argue all morning while we were packing and trying to leave at a certain time. Lists were made so that we wouldn't forget anything. Late night shopping sprees were made to the grocery store the night before and someone would always be up late (or all night) getting everything ready...just so. 

I still remember the feeling of driving away from the house with everyone in the car and the trunk packed wondering, "Isn't this supposed to be fun?" There were actually times when 1 or more of my siblings would decide to stay home...I didn't understand. I still don't.

Here are the happy memories. The memories that keep me playing and seeking adventure...

My dad used to take us backpacking. We would disappear into the mountains for days at a time. We'd carry all that we needed on our backs. Once we got to a spot to set up camp, we could fish, rock climb, lay and read a book, swim in pristine mountain lakes, or (my favorite) explore! No schedule. Invited to live simply for a few days. One time we almost got lost. The trail came to an end and we were miles from the car. But instead of turning around, we bushwhacked our way for a couple of miles and I heard,  "Just over the next hill!"  about a dozen times. 

Instead of fear setting in, I felt invigorated. Excited. This is what "playing" is all about for me. Exploring. Adventure. Spontaneity. And (please!) simplicity.

Author Emily Hamblen

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  1. Thanks Emily. I loved to hear how you found the "unbeaten path" and the photos of the girls depicted the wonder of the moment.


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