Sunday, April 25, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls

Saturday Craig took me to Snoqualmie Falls. In the spring, the force and power plunging over the rocks plucks your soul like a metal banjo string. Your whole body feels the strum and happily hums in ripples.

We tested out Craig's new knee, taking the trail down to the river bed. It works! He is doing well and is grateful to be without chronic, acute pain.

On the trail he stopped and pointed out a small puddle with a bubbling spring feeding it from the bottom before trickling and spilling over. It was enchanting; small simple joy always is.

At the bottom of the river bed it was clear how high the mist was bouncing up. We welcomed the fine spray.

We met two guys who were finishing a photo shoot at the base of the falls. Craig helped them get the gear over the railing to the trail. The young man showed me part of a video he was working on. The shots were stunning; he was happy with what he had accomplished, but had no idea how amazing it really was. It was refreshing. He was doing what he loved because he loved it. The interchange was a gift. Serendipitous. Artists creating are a treat to come across.

Hiking up the steep grade, Craig had to wait for me to catch my breath. I've been lounging way too much this winter! A mountain climber/telemark athlete whizzed by without breaking a sweat or panting,
right when I was clutching a fence post and gasping asthmatically. He cheerfully told me to take smaller steps locking my knees each time.

Surprise! It worked better. We made it to the top and peeked over one more time to take home some more vibe.


  1. What a wonderful day you two must have shared!

    Does the name of the falls have meaning?

  2. I enjoy the people you meet along the way. Sometimes you have the most interesting conversations with fellow travelers.

    Glad the knee worked as it should. I can guarantee you probably did better on your hike than I would. :)

  3. Huh, who would have thought... Locking knees with each small step actually sounds like a way to face plant time and again. I reckon I will have to try it out hiking with my two 2-legged mountain goats. If I fall, I am hollering for you to come yank me up! ;-)

    Do share some photos of the falls...


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