Thursday, April 29, 2010


In between these two collages is something true.
 A reminder from me to you. 
For females only. 
Girlfriends, daughters, sisters, and mothers. 
The first one is a frame of sorts. 
Put your face in it, like you're looking in a mirror. 
Look deep into your own eyes. 
Your eyes are beautiful and shine with love. 
These eyes notice the lovely and good. 
You have a yes face towards the world. 
When you invite and offer yourself to others,
 they bloom from the watering. 
You add color and texture all around you. 
Who you are becoming is part of where you've been. 
Your essence leaves memories. 
You are priceless. 


  1. I feel as if I am in the middle of your poem. Luscious living.....priceless! Thanks for a beautiful remember to stay.

  2. ...that would be "reminder" to stay (smiles)!!

  3. Sending a "You're Special" back to you. Wonderful collages!

  4. Thankyouthankyou! Especially for this:
    "Who you are becoming is part of where you've been."

  5. You are so awesome, Kathleen. Thank you.

  6. I love these photos of your art work and your concept of play.


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