Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shock the Pink Lady

Who will show them how to pull a bleeding heart blossom apart to expose the shocked pink lady taking a bath?

How will they know to pick a dandelion and smear a friend's chin with butter? 

Will they shell a pea? Pick daisies? 

If they don't get to help plant a garden, how will they understand the natural law of sowing and reaping?

Who will make a daisy chain for them? A flower crown? A May basket? 

Will they learn how to make a hollyhock lady with crinoline skirts? 

Will they ever see a cow milked or butter made? 

Will they be able to hold a chick or gather warm eggs? 

Who will build a driftwood fire that makes rainbows in the dark? 

Will they taste a s'mores roasted on a campfire? 

Will anyone take them tent camping? 

Who will let them iron hankies?  Give them leftover pie crust to make tarts? Let them have a hunk of bread dough to knead and watch rise? 

How will they learn to sew a button on? Make jewel toned jelly? Gravy? 

Will anyone lay with them and beg for falling stars? Show them cloud pictures? 

Will they understand wheat, milk, and meat isn't bad for us, it's how we alter it that makes it so?

Will they see animals mating, the miracle of birth, and the pure sweetness of nursing young?

Will they know what words like yeast, yoke, plow, harvest, reins, and honeycomb mean? 

Will anyone care that the swallows return every year and there are places where monarch butterflies stop to rest each migration? 

People want to save the world - keep it green they say. Might as well just color it a virtual green for us children who are only virtually experiencing it. Spectating instead of participating. 

X-box, Wii, Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz, FB, Twitter, Smart phones, Laptops, and every other electronic thing is powerfully stimulating and at times addicting. Even useful! 

But soul satisfying? Refreshing? Restorative? Playful? Intimate? Satisfying? 


  1. Your beautiful post is a reminder that connection takes time, and presence. Maybe even a little of being bored enough to decide to look around at the world.

    Children need time on their hands, but we're afraid of it, afraid it's time wasted, afraid of the choices they'll make. It's hard to trust what life itself will teach them.

  2. I love your writing style! I found you doing a search for 'Lost Dogs' and blogs. I love the dogs! Going to see them in concert next month.

    Debby (heavenly humor)

  3. "I will," said the little Red Hen. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of all the wonderful things yet to come for me to enjoy with Caroline!

  4. I thought I knew how to take time to enjoy life, until I met you. I have always enjoyed how you pause and take note of the world. That is what I learned from you. I was the one moving so fast, thinking "oh that's interesting, lets analyze that…", but not pausing long enough to absorb life's true wonder, beauty, and awesomeness!
    You taught me to pause Kathleen, and I have looked at life differently ever since, in my fast pace way....I do pause, and it's therapeutic for me.Thank you, you are a blessing in my life :)
    Janet O

  5. Pam, it must be wonderful to be a grandma-can't wait. Thanks Janet, Debby and Susan, for comment love.

  6. What a lovely reminder to slow down and look around, and share simple joys with our children.


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