Friday, April 2, 2010


Excerpt from The Goings on of Ordinary People ~ By Tessa Overby (a work in progress by my daughter, who makes me laugh on a regular basis)

"Before trying to sound cool, I've found it's always best to watch/read the rest of the story.

In this age of movies and music, the coolness factor is measure by how much you can quote. I have always strived to be one such afficionado, only to fail on numerous occasions by a fumbling tongue and lack of lightning speed wit.

We all know how it is when you have the biggest crush on a boy. I get a hand cramp from googling the last three lines of his favorite song at warp speed. This, so he might see how witty I can be. Never mind the let down he'll get when he actually marries me and finds out what a doof I am.

Let me confess; I've seen and done it all. Sometimes you learn when you're trying to impress a guy, not trying is better.

Our country's most beloved TV show for young adults is Friends. There's an episode where Phoebe (me) changes her name to get back at her husband. She changes it to Princess Consuella Banana Hammock. I laughed so hard at this, and didn't think I needed to watch the rest. Mistake.

I smiled to myself and decided to text the love of my life at that time. He didn't hardly know I breathed the same air as him. The text message read something like this; "you may now call me Princess Consuella Banana Hammock".

There was no reply to this seemingly witty message. A side note ~ this boy I was trying hard to win was on swim team.

I decided to text the same message to one of my girlfriends to see if it wasn't as funny as I thought. She replied,"do you know what a banana hammock is"?  I said, "no". She then told me.

Nothing could ever describe how much I wanted to change my name and run to Morocco. I wish I could say I never tried to foolishly impress a boy again, but the truth is, I'm human. I am learning to watch and listen to the full episode or song before trying to seem like another Gilmore Girl with fast comebacks and witty humor.'


  1. very wise daughter in the making ...

  2. aaahhhh but she is sooo wise.

  3. I'm still learning to finish the end of an episode :) Quick wit is not a strong point of mine... hence the writing... I can take it at my own pace!
    What a lovely piece :)

  4. Tess, I'm so excited to hear what's in your heart! I love you so much. We need to reschedule our buggle night! Love, Chris

  5. Whatever you do, Tess, and whatever happens, just remember this-- the most embarrassing things usually provide the best stories. :)

  6. Lots of talent and wisdom here.

  7. Girl, I reckon I would have done the same thing. In fact, I have sped along with bursts quite akin to yours. Although mortifying at the moment, they do prove for a laugh later.


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