Friday, March 12, 2010


Simply ask to see?
I did.
I do.
 I will keep asking this one thing.
Help me see.
Grass has little fuzzy hairs along its edges.
 I never knew this until today.
Today, again, I saw.
Thank you, my Love.

My heart also saw beauty in something plain.  


  1. Lovely poem, Kathleen.

    The raindrop in the next-to-last image looks like a glass ornament. I like how the water holds on, nourishing the green.

  2. Our 'seeing' is what shapes our inner terrain.... SH

  3. you do have wonderful eyesight!

  4. Just beautiful. Everything about this post.
    I can't get over the photos!

  5. You girls would laugh silly if you saw what I'm taking pics with. I'm surprised each time myself. I think my heart is involved....
    Thanks for the encouraging comments girls.


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