Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Book by Sue

Susan made this wonderful chipboard book for my birthday. 
I want to share the loveliness. 
She is an artist. Also a poet, although she doesn't know this yet. 
We have been friends since we were nineteen. We are both 50 now.
We are complete opposites in every way; this is good. 
We are committed to being girlfriends forever. 


  1. Wonderful

    I like this best: "...not worth a pitcher of spit"

  2. I feel 'published'! Thank you, dear friend.... SH

  3. I love this! Brought happy tears to my eyes.

  4. Oh, my! This certainly deserves the hug I'm sure you gave her.

    I love, love, love this vintage playfulness, but every time I try to shape it, the whole thing warps beneath my fingers into some ... thing ... other.

    I'm so glad/thrilled/joyous that there are gifted people who can do it right, and then friends like you who make sure it is shared around so people like me can appreciate it!


  5. groovy
    love mona lisa's nose ring

  6. old friends are so treasured... I LOVE this, what a gift!

  7. Karen, I try to copy her also, my stuff never has that shabby chic elegance-it just looks bad. Nancy, she collects altered Mona Lisa pics for these things. I'm always surprised and delighted. Mama hen, I cried too.
    Country Girl, of course that would be your fav quote. You're a spitfire.
    Thx Lorrie and Bree.

  8. How lovely! What a beautiful gift :)

  9. Oh, lucky you! I love this kind of hand-made artful gift. Thank you for sharing its pages with us.

  10. Wow, now that is precious!! ss

  11. Ohhhhh .... so much beauty! I wish I could create things like that myself. In the absence of talent, I'll just bookmark this page!

    Cousin Shelley

  12. This is so precious! I want a copy! Your blog is seriously so beautiful. Like a breath of spring. Walking through a garden. I want to stay here all morning!

  13. Loved finding your blog world. Thanks for sharing your bountiful bouquets of beauty. Yeah for farm girls!!!

  14. Glad you enjoyed Linda, Amy, Shelley, Susan, Corinne and Maureen. Your appreciation is a great reward for the creator of this treasure. :) I'll let her know.


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