Friday, November 4, 2011

Tug is Gone

My brother's black lab died last week. He'd been sick a long time. Old age and a tired heart claimed him. Tugboat adored his master and mistress. Going hunting was his joy in life. He was synchronized perfectly with my brother, they worked together as one. He was a noble fellow. Our entire family will miss him. I think he is slobbering profusely as he runs full speed into the water making a big, big splash.

Day #2. Facing a blank white piece of paper is terrifying. Always. This is Tugboat's Tribute.


  1. Knowing all too well the emptiness from losing a companion animal, I'm sad for this loss.

    Your tribute is beautiful.

  2. I have a tenant who just lost a beloved dog. She knows he's in heaven, curled comfortably in a recliner, awaiting her arrival...

  3. I will try to print this off for Joe and Beth, Lisa called and told me about it. I usually look at your other Blog.
    Very touching and heart felt.

  4. My deepest sympathies. I've been there and it never gets any easier. Very hard and heavy on the heart.... Sail on tug, may the waters take you to where the ball waits on shore! Tammy


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