Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning Collage

Last spring a friend sent a surprise in the mail. This is what it looked like.

I started trying to learn art journaling or soul collage as some call it. Somerset Studios magazines compels me. I took Maureen's gift as inspiration - unwrapped it from its original form and opened it up. I glued it down onto the back of a large calendar after whose pages had all been glued together for thickness. I wanted a thick base. A few more pieces of my own heart and thoughts were glued on - it was beginning to be a collaboration. Seven layers of mod podge were coated over the top.

 This is it in halves as it was too large to scan whole. It is a bit flat and lifeless still.

And a close up photo. 

But here's where it started getting fun. Gesso. Gesso is my newest friend. Gel, hard body, smooth, fiber, clear, black, white - any type. I love gesso! Smooch. 

One rough layer. Let it dry. Then I used acrylic paint, pearl powders, and distressing dye to finish the layers. In between each I mercilessly scrubbed, scraped, and sanded it. The dimension and textures are fantastic. 

What I loved most was the scrubbing off to reveal what was underneath part. What's underneath is always a surprise. iLike that. Thanks Maureen for the continuing education ....of me. 

This is the finished piece. It was beyond fun. I dance. I do. 

Try clicking to enlarge and see the details if you want. Many things changed or got covered up ~ or uncovered as it evolved.  


  1. You're speaking as a real pro, now. Handling gesso, acrylics, pearl powders, distressing dyes.... the covering and revealing...

    Love what you're doing.

    Check out Susan Cornelis' blog Conversations with the Muse; Susan does a lot of collage work. Also take a look at the soul collage at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy and Lucy creates; Kayce does some terrific work and teaches. She's in Seattle.

  2. You are definitely getting the hang of it! Forge ahead fearlessly, my friend.

  3. How cool is this -- first writing, now art!


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