Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Fun

I made this yesterday. The quote I used is from August Rush. I know, I know, it was a sappy, sentimental movie - but I liked it anyways.

This is what inspired me: Nancy mentioned she had won this paper house garland from Kickcan and Conkers. Her lovely and inspiring sight brought me to the artist and creator of The Button Book. My uterus lurched a bit at the thought of giving birth to anything so darling. Ahhh, the creative trail leading to a fun day. That's how it happens. If you would like this little book, I'd mail it to you. It is no bigger than 2" X 2" Making it was the fun part.


  1. Wow, Kathleen. You are creating some wonderful pieces. Great creativity, especially with something so small.

  2. OMGosh. When I saw it all stacked up & bound together, I must admit I had a quiver in my gut, too! When we meet to do art one day, show me how create this 'lil baby....

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!! And I LOVE August Rush. Just watched it (again) the other night. Just beautiful. Yay!

  4. i love it! who are you mailing it to?? i vote tessa. ;)
    love you so much...


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